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Innovation Hub

Innovation is the key to making the TRATON GROUP a Global Champion in the transportation industry. Every single employee, every single brand, and every single market is a source of innovation. Experience the spirit behind it in the TRATON Innovation Hub — with authentic stories, entertaining videos, and informative podcasts.



Keen learner

Master graduate and photography enthusiast Natalie Baral decided to join the TRATON GROUP’s trainee. Link


The future of urban mobility

Thorsten Bergmaier-Trede and Kristian Villadsen talk about sustainable urban mobility. Link


Emission-free under everyday conditions

No local emissions and virtually silent driving: The MAN eTGM opens up new possibilities. Link

Innovation Stories

  • Innovation Stories |

    Emission-free under everyday conditions

    No local emissions and virtually silent driving: The MAN eTGM opens up new possibilities. Link

  • Silent ride to school

    An icon reimagined: IC Bus has put all-electric school buses on the road in North America. Link

  • Planet |

    On the line

    Scania is testing catenary trucks in day-to-day use with various partners. An interim conclusion. Link

  • All-electric series truck

    VWCO produces South America's first all-electric truck in series, the e-Delivery. Link

  • Planet |

    Pursuing sustainability throughout the world

    Since Climate Day, Scania employees worldwide have become even more committed to sustainability. Link

  • Planet |

    Roaming around Paris

    In Paris, DHL is using the electric MAN eTGE to deliver parcels and packages with zero emissions. Link

  • Planet |

    Sustainability all the way

    In Oslo, Scania and ASKO are testing battery electric trucks in everyday use. The potential is huge. Link

  • Performance |

    Digital, transparent, efficient

    The cloud-based platform solution by RIO makes Volkswagen Group Logistics even more efficient. Link

  • Performance |

    Assembly 4.0

    At VWCO’s new Industry 4.0 assembly line, trucks are produced even more individually than before. Link

  • People |

    Equal opportunities at the wheel

    In Ghana, Scania trains women to become bus and truck drivers. Three of them share their stories. Link

  • Planet |

    Electric city

    Munich’s MVG relies on e-buses to reduce emissions. The MAN Lion’s City 12 E in operation. Link

  • Performance |

    Drivers of innovation

    Which new business models can emerge from modern software. Link

  • Performance |

    Digital transparency for growing truck fleets

    How the RIO digital brand intends to optimize the logistics industry. Link

  • Performance |

    No one can do it alone

    Innovating together with their customers: three brands, three people, three requirements. Link

  • Planet |

    Plan E

    A look at how electrification experts from MAN Transport Solutions advise fleet operators. Link

  • Performance |

    Without a driver? Sure!

    The Barkarby municipality prepares for the deployment of autonomous buses from Scania. Link

  • Planet |

    Turn on the power!

    Electric drives play a pivotal role for the TRATON GROUP in the transportation world of tomorrow. Link

  • Performance |

    Modularization as part of the DNA

    Scania’s “Byggladan principle” of maximizing the number of common parts creates plenty of variants. Link

  • People |

    Invitation to dance

    An interview with Sofia Vahlne on the importance of pluralism and inclusion. Link

  • Performance |

    The best of both worlds

    Scania and MAN join forces to develop a new generation of engines. Link

  • Performance |

    Fit for the future

    A trip to the workshop can wait: MAN is working on over-the-air software updates. Link

  • Performance |

    Digital game makers

    Virtual reality in the TRATON GROUP is advanced by clever team players. Link

  • Performance |

    In auto mode

    MAN trials autonomous trucks in partnership with the Port of Hamburg. Link

  • Planet |

    Let’s go!

    Showcasing the innovative mobility service Scania Go at the Scania campus in Södertälje. Link

  • Planet |

    A day in São Paulo

    A delivery run with a prototype of the electrically powered e-Delivery. Link


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What sustainable logistics is all about

Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO, and Professor of Logistics Frank Straube discuss how logistics service providers can contribute to greater sustainability. What role do digital solutions play? How can ecological and economic goals be aligned in a highly competitive environment? And how do logistics service providers make entire value chains more sustainable?



The vision of a sustainable future

We are convinced that our Company’s success must be built on responsible and sustainable conduct. In order to achieve this, we strike a balance between three aspects: People, Planet, and Performance. What does that mean? It goes without saying that we aim to make a profit. However, we also pursue other aims that cannot be jeopardized as a result: this includes the welfare of our employees and society as a whole and a sustainable and climate-neutral approach to protecting our planet.