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Innovation Hub

Innovation is the key to making the TRATON GROUP a Global Champion in the transportation industry. Every single employee, every single brand, and every single market is a source of innovation. Experience the spirit behind it in the TRATON Innovation Hub — with authentic stories, entertaining videos, and informative podcasts.


MAN DB Schenker

"A well-connected ecosystem is essential for success in electromobility."

DB Schenker strategist Patric Hoffmann on new forms of cooperation in the transport industry

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The future is collaboration

The challenges posed by the transport transition can only be overcome through partnerships and cooperations.

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Transforming knowledge and experience into pragmatic solutions

Stefan Sahlmann is based in Lisle, Illinois, where he works for the TRATON brand Navistar.



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The vision of a sustainable future

We are convinced that our Company’s success must be built on responsible and sustainable conduct. In order to achieve this, we strike a balance between three aspects: People, Planet, and Performance. What does that mean? It goes without saying that we aim to make a profit. However, we also pursue other aims that cannot be jeopardized as a result: this includes the welfare of our employees and society as a whole and a sustainable and climate-neutral approach to protecting our planet.


The future of urban mobility

Thorsten Bergmaier-Trede, Transportation Designer at MAN, and urban planner Kristian Villadsen from architecture firm Gehl talk about new forms of sustainable, urban mobility. What makes the cities of tomorrow livable and how will we move around them?