As the transformation of the transportation sector continues to pick up speed, TRATON is playing an instrumental role in driving this change forward. The Company’s CEO Christian Levin and young professional Larissa Albrecht took an e-bus for a ride around the Scania test track in Södertälje, Sweden. They talked about where the journey will lead and why the TRATON GROUP’s brands working together is key for a successful future.

Text: Laurin Paschek

Christian Levin has worked in the transportation sector for nearly three decades since starting his career in 1994 as a trainee at Scania. Christian has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Administration and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, as well as extensive international professional experience, having worked in both Italy and Switzerland.

He has been CEO of the TRATON GROUP since October 2021 — which was also when Larissa Albrecht joined the Company. Larissa finished her master’s degree in 2019 and had gathered initial experience in the transportation sector in internships and work-study placements. This video format brought them together and meant that the CEO, with his many years of experience, got to exchange ideas about the challenges facing the industry with a novice who brings a fresh perspective to the dialogue.

Christian and Larissa met in Södertälje, where Scania is investing millions of euros to build a test track for autonomous and electrified vehicles. Their chosen mode of transport was the Citywide — an obvious choice since cities are increasingly looking to electric buses in their quest for more sustainable mobility. They talked about subjects ranging from the electrification of buses and trucks to autonomous driving, the role of politics in transforming transportation, and the culture of collaboration in the TRATON GROUP. And about why its brands working together is so important and can prove a decisive competitive advantage.

Larissa Albrecht

Larissa Albrecht has been employed by the TRATON GROUP since October 2021. As a specialist for external communication, she works in Group Communications on strategic focal points of the TRATON GROUP.

Christian Levin

Christian Levin has been CEO of Scania since May 2021 and CEO of TRATON SE since October 2021. Prior to this he was the COO of TRATON. He began his career at Scania in 1994 as a trainee.