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Compliance & Integrity


Compliance and Integrity are central elements for a sustainable business success. To implement these aspects in all areas in the Company, TRATON has installed since many years an extensive Compliance & Integrity program.

The Compliance & Integrity program

The Compliance & Integrity program of the TRATON GROUP is designed to promote ethical behavior within the Group. It addresses the prevention of white-collar crime, in particular anti-corruption, anti-trust and anti-money laundering, and the protection of human rights.

The TRATON Compliance & Integrity program consists of three pillars to:

  • prevent compliance violations (prevention),
  • detect compliance violations that may arise despite preventive measures as early as possible (detection) and
  • respond to these compliance violations quickly and efficiently as soon as they are detected (response).

Key elements of the Compliance & Integrity program of TRATON are the following:

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    Code of Conduct

    The Code of Conduct is the central guideline for ethical conduct of all employees at TRATON – in their responsibility at work, as business partners, and as members of society. Additionally, TRATON has published a Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Business Partners, which sets out minimum ethical standards that suppliers and business partners commit to complying with.

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    Compliance Policies

    Through the publication of policies, it is ensured that throughout the whole organization uniform and binding rules for all employees are enforced. The GRC organization has developed policies for all compliance topics: anti-corruption, antitrust, as well as the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing. Additionally, the Policy Statement on Human Rights describes the expectations on the organization as well as suppliers to protect and respect human rights.

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    Compliance Helpdesk & Advice

    All employees can contact the Compliance Helpdesk via phone or e-mail with any questions regarding compliance or integrity. This gives the GRC organization an overview of frequently occurring issues and enables it to develop further preventive compliance measures as needed.

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    Compliance Trainings & Communication

    Continuous training and communication about compliance and integrity throughout the whole organization are key requirements to foster the awareness of all employees regarding ethical conduct and to prevent compliance violations from arising. The GRC organization is developing live as well as online trainings to address the compliance topics anti-corruption, antitrust, prevention of money laundering as well as business & human rights. Based on specific examples, risks are made transparent, and the content of the compliance policies communicated. Employees are learning how to act to prevent law violations and conflicts.
    Furthermore, managers are provided with additional trainings to address their specific role in creating a culture of transparency and integrity as well as in the identification and handling of compliance risks.
    Next to regular trainings, continuous communication also plays an important role. The compliance topics are addressed in various formats like newsletters, intranet articles, dialogue rounds or events. The aim is to convey important information and to create a culture of open discussion on compliance issues.

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    Integrity Checks

    TRATON checks the integrity of business partners with the tool-based business partner approval process. This relates mainly, but not exclusively, to business partners who provide sales support services. Further compliance checks are conducted, e.g, in the event of M&A transactions.

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    Compliance Risk Analysis

    A special risk analysis takes place regularly to identify potential risks in the organization and to further develop and improve the Group-wide Compliance Management System according to these risks.

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    A regular reporting takes place on the different group levels about the current status of compliance measures in the relevant committees. Compliance is regularly on the agenda both at Executive Board meetings and at management events.

External cooperation

Compliance and integrity extend beyond the Company’s walls. With this in mind, the GRC organization maintains regular dialogue on current compliance issues with experts from industry and academia. TRATON is member of the following organizations, among others:


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