The traditional cuisine of southern Germany - a contrast to Brazil
The traditional cuisine of southern Germany

Since November 2022, I have been leading a kind of "double life". Every weekend, I enjoy my free time to reconnect with my cultural heritage, listening to my favorite Brazilian music – and throw myself into everyday South American cuisine. On the menu are: Feijão com Arroz, Brazilian beans with rice and Feijoada Brasileira, a traditional black bean stew. Simply delicious. As I do enjoy cooking, I also like preparing some traditional cakes, but also reading and trying new experiences in Germany are some of my favorite hobbies. The rest of the week – from Monday to Friday – I pursue my second passion which is working in the legal department of the TRATON GROUP in Munich.

I come from the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, where I worked for Scania for five years. So, when the opportunity arose to move from Rio Tietê to the TRATON GROUP headquarters by the Isar for three years, I didn't have to think twice. I love challenges – especially when it comes to legal issues and their cross-brand implementation. Besides, I always wanted to get to know Germany. Working in the legal department at TRATON inspires me every day. I enjoy exchanging ideas with my colleagues and learning new things.

Glauber in front of Neuschwanstein castle in Schwangau
Glauber in front of Neuschwanstein castle

Focused and with an exemplary eye for detail, I work with the legal department team to develop and implement uniform guidelines for documenting contracts and minutes at the board and supervisory board levels among other things. At first glance, this is dry legal material. But a closer look reveals how diverse our work is and how important the correct handling of the law is for our company. After all, everything must be comprehensible and transparent at all times. Moreover, with the help of our legal department, each employee of TRATON GROUP can really be sure that they are working in accordance with the law.

Glauber and colleagues at the MAN Museum
Glauber and colleagues at the MAN Museum

The cooperation with the colleagues on the fourth floor in Hanauer Straße is excellent. Cultural differences are accepted and respected. For example, in Brazil we were an smaller department, so we had more things to work on at the same time, and here it is more clear who is responsible for what. But these are only small things compared to what unites us: The feeling of being part of something bigger. This TRATON spirit is even stronger than our enthusiasm for law.

A few days ago, I was with my family and friends in São Paulo. Here, too, I felt this sense of togetherness: everyone was happy to see me again. It was a nice time to reconnect with everyone and celebrate my best friend’s wedding as his best man! And I could enjoy even the chaos of everyday life for a few days – even down to how busy the streets are in comparison to the steady pace and orderly traffic in Munich. 

Glauber with colleagues from his department in Brazil
Glauber with colleagues from his department in Brazil

When I'm not in the kitchen at the weekend, I take a leisurely stroll through Munich's city centre and enjoy being enchanted by Bavarian delicacies. And as a balance to my epicurean excursions, I regularly train CrossFit – lifting weights, doing gymnastics, and practicing sprinting. I try to maintain a good balance with my office work, and for that fitness is key. Now that it's getting warmer and the temperatures are rising, I want to encourage my colleagues from the TRATON legal department to do some sporty after-work together. And who knows – maybe I'll treat them to real Brazilian cuisine after the training.

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