The TRATON GROUP’s last diesel engine marks the end of an era. But it’s more than just the last of its kind — it’s also the best. The 13-liter engine unit designed for the Group’s heavy-duty commercial vehicles s prepared to cover a wide range of customer HP demands globally and is more fuel-efficient than existing engines. At the same time, it is the first engine to be developed through cross-brand collaboration. Find out more about this new engine in the graphic below.

Text: Roman Scherer

The future of the logistics industry belongs to battery electric and autonomous vehicles. But that does not make the Common Base Engine (CBE) yesterday’s news: depending on region and area of application, it will take these innovative technologies several years to gain wide market coverage. Until that is the case, the CBE is helping to make heavy-duty commercial vehicles more cost-efficient and to reduce their emissions. At the same time, it is laying the foundation for future projects across the entire TRATON GROUP as a modular engine born out of collaboration between the brands.

Powerful Performance

The base engine concept is prepared to cover a wide range of customer HP demands globally, e.g.

420 – 560 HP in case of the engine from Scania.

Ready for tomorrow

The CBE base concept is positioned to meet the more stringent future global legal demands.

High Pressure

With a base engine concept that delivers ca. 50% Break Thermal Efficiency (BTE) the platform provides a higher TCO value to customers.

More Commonality

The guiding principle is to drive commonality through the modularization principles with first deliveries being ca. 80% common.

Alternative Fuels

The base engine concept has been designed with alternative fuels in mind and is positioned for the sustainable fuels of the future.

For the long haul

Service intervall of
150.000 km

Service life of
2,000,000 km