June 2021: Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and the TRATON GROUP take an important step in their electrification strategy. The e‑Delivery, South America’s first electrically powered distribution truck, goes into series production. The basis of this success is a globally unique initiative, with a new e-Mobility team and an entire ecosystem around the e‑Delivery.

Text: Roman Scherer

October 2017

World Premiere

The Group’s brands display their latest products at the first Innovation Day of the TRATON GROUP in Hamburg. Antonio Roberto Cortes has a special highlight in store: the CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus (VWCO) presents the e‑Delivery, South America’s first electrically powered distribution truck. The e‑Delivery, which is available as an 11- or a 14-ton truck, is developed and built entirely in Brazil.

August 2018

Pilot customer

Ambev is the largest beverage producer in Latin America. The company is increasingly focusing on sustainability in all areas, including making its delivery fleet emissions-free. To this end, Ambev is also testing the e‑Delivery prototype in real-world use. With clearly successful results: Ambev signed a letter of intent to purchase 1,600 e-trucks from VWCO by 2025.

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September 2018
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e-Consortium created

A groundbreaking partnership is announced: VWCO goes one step further than Consórcio Modular, which was about integrating suppliers into production. The new partnership with various companies is about developing a charging infrastructure for e-mobility in addition to the vehicles.

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Test, test, test

In parallel to the first prototypes, which Brazilian beverage manufacturer Ambev has used in real-life conditions since August 2018, tests on all e‑Delivery systems also continue at VWCO. Together with the numerous partners, the complex software of the e‑Delivery is continuously modified and optimized further.

kilometers: the distance across which Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus engineers monitored the e‑Delivery prototype in test operation.
July 2021

Series production begins

A great day: in its 40th year, VWCO begins series production of the e‑Delivery at its plant in Resende, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in the same year. The VWCO team designed the e‑Delivery so that it could be integrated into existing production lines. This saved valuable time and reduced risks — especially since VWCO produces around 350 other model variants in Resende in addition to the conventional Delivery.

December 2021/January 2022

And the winner is...

In December 2021 the e‑Delivery wins the UOL Carros Award in the Technology category. The prestigious Brazilian prize is awarded by a jury of 22 automotive journalists and influencers and honored the e-truck as the only one in its category. In January 2022, the e‑Delivery is also named Truck of 2022 by the renowned Brazilian truck portal Estradão.

What's next
„We are going to send e‑Delivery units to other countries to establish a development program in the same format as we did in Brazil.“
Antonio Roberto Cortes
President and CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus

e‑Delivery reaches international markets

The e‑Delivery has great potential in the Latin American market. In Brazil, the entire initial batch sold out in less than a month of sales: the first 200 units offered were acquired by customers and the dealer network across the country in what is a record time for this technology. This inaugural phase on the international scene will be marked by the partnership with VWCO importers, who will initially be introducing demonstration vehicles for different applications across various Latin American countries.