What constitutes corporate sustainability? And what can it contribute? Find out in the Sustainability Stories, the podcast of the TRATON GROUP.

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Sustainability Stories – The TRATON Podcast on building a sustainable future

Sustainability — what does it entail for corporations, what does it entail for society? What role do technology, digitalization, and culture play and how do we reconcile different ideas? We explore these questions in the TRATON GROUP podcast with exciting guests from NGOs, the economy, academia, and the Company itself. What does that mean? Find out in our podcast.

Podcast First Episode


Why we need to foster diversity – Sofia Vahlne and Jonathan Nott

How can teams develop all their strengths and why is diversity a crucial factor for sustainable success? Sofia Vahlne, Head of People Strategy & Labour Relations at Scania and responsible for the Pluralism & Inclusion program in the TRATRON GROUP, talks about these questions with the conductor of the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie Jonathan Nott.

Podcast Second Episode


Sustainable transformation as the key to success

Andreas Follér, Head of Sustainability at Scania, and Lena Hök, Senior Vice President Sustainability at the Swedish construction company Skanska, talk about how companies can transform to become more sustainable. What role does leadership play, how can all employees be involved? What is the impact of innovation? How do companies create real change?

Podcast Third Episode


What sustainable logistics is all about

Jan Kaumanns, CEO of RIO, and Professor of Logistics Frank Straube discuss how logistics service providers can contribute to greater sustainability. What role do digital solutions play? How can ecological and economic goals be aligned in a highly competitive environment? And how do logistics service providers make entire value chains more sustainable?

Podcast Fourth Episode


The future of urban mobility

Thorsten Bergmaier-Trede, Transportation Designer at MAN, and urban planner Kristian Villadsen from architecture firm Gehl talk about new forms of sustainable, urban mobility. What makes the cities of tomorrow livable and how will we move around them?

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