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The logistics flow

RIO is a software company based in Munich, specializing in digital services within the logistics and transport industry. The organization’s product portfolio offers collaborative cloud solutions for transport service providers and shippers in the areas of telematics, transport management, and driver communication. RIO’s flagship product is the modular transport management system (TMS) Cartright, with its convenient driver app Pocket Driver, specially developed for small and medium-sized companies.

In addition to this, a cloud-based supply chain solution provides a central service for shippers, enabling suppliers, logistics service providers, and industrial companies to securely exchange relevant data and ensure processes run efficiently across companies.

RIO employs approximately 130 people at its Munich and Paderborn sites.

  1. 2016

    RIO is founded and presented for the first time at the IAA.

  2. 2017

    The RIO platform and the free starter service RIO Essentials go live.

  3. 2018

    RIO launches its first bookable services.

  4. 2021

    RIO acquires Loom – provider of the Cartright transport management system (TMS).

  5. 2022

    The free basic service, RIO Essentials, is replaced by a free three-month trial phase, The Free Trial.

RIO strives to make the entire value chain more transparent, sustainable, and efficient by bringing together all key players in one place – the RIO platform.

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