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Der MAN TGM 25.360 E von Stiegl ist der erste vollelektrische Lkw im Dienst einer österreichischen Brauerei.

A modern tradition

The Stiegl brewery in Salzburg now uses a fully electric MAN TGM 26.360 E for their delivery runs.

Package from the internet

The Package from the internet.

More than three billion packages are transported by courier, express and parcel service providers each year.


Scania’s Smart Engineering Lab focuses on innovation

To handle the new transportation eco system, Scania launched the Smart Engineering Lab.

TRATON remains on growth path in 2018
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TRATON remains on growth path in 2018

TRATON remains on growth path in 2018


Commitment with purpose

What's the best way to make a future with zero-emission city logistics a reality?

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TRATON SE, formerly Volkswagen Truck & Bus AG, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG and a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer worldwide with its brands MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, and RIO. In 2018, TRATON GROUP’s brands sold around 233,000 vehicles in total. Its offering comprises light-duty commercial vehicles, trucks, and buses at 29 production and assembly sites in 17 countries. The Company had a workforce of around 81,000 worldwide across its commercial vehicle brands as of December 31, 2018. The Group seeks to transform the transportation system through its products, its services, and as a partner for its customers.


  • TRATON is striving to become a Global Champion of the truck and transport services industry. We build upon our strong base by further expanding our brands’ presence and utilizing our strong network of strategic partners to access all major profit pools.


  • 4 continents
  • 17 countries
  • 81,000 employees



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