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    Keen learner

    Master graduate and photography enthusiast Natalie Baral decided to join the TRATON GROUP’s trainee. Link

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    Working across borders

    The sales & marketing expert is constantly liaising with her colleagues and superiors. Link

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    Mindset shifter

    Professionally, the sponsoring expert works with soccer clubs; privately, he likes to cook. Link

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    Inquisitive mind

    Observe, understand, learn: This is the motto of the 51-year-old software architect from Munich. Link

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    Mr. Make-it-happen

    Strong communication skills and openness are among the strengths of the Engineering Manager. Link

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    Drag Racer

    The expert for People & Culture supports people in realizing their full potential. Link

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    The 51-year-old distribution director manages Navistar’s logistics network in North America. Link

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    Knowledge broker

    For the designer and travel enthusiast, applications must above all be simple to operate. Link

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    As Head of Sustainability, she coordinate exchange of knowledge and brings multiple worlds together. Link

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    Tenacious developer

    If you ask the engineer what the best part of her job is, she would say working on test models. Link

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