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Future-proof solutions

TRATON creates an environment in which its brands support each other to learn from their individual strengths, leverage synergies, and transform the transportation industry responsibly. The focal point of this process is future-proof solutions — significantly reducing greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions and making transportation by road safer.

Expanding charging infrastructure across Europe

Beyond the individual activities of its brands, TRATON is laying down overarching guidelines to sustainably Transform Transportation. A key area in this respect is the expansion of the public charging network for battery electric heavy-duty trucks and long-distance coaches. Together with Daimler Truck and Volvo Group, we intend to develop at least 1,700 high-performance green energy charging points across Europe within the next five years. With this initiative, the three leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles in Europe are supporting the EU in its sustainability goal, namely the transformation to climate-neutral transportation. The high-performance charging points will be compatible with vehicles of all brands. These ambitions were adopted in a memorandum of understanding in mid-2021, which laid the foundation for the joint venture established in 2022: Milence.

Scientifically sound climate goals confirmed

Scania bus on a street in spring time

Scania is the first major manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial vehicles to have its far-reaching climate goals officially confirmed by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Scania is committed to achieving the targets of the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels. To do so, it will reduce CO2 emissions from its own operations by 50% by 2025 and the emissions from its products by 20% over the same period. Scania had announced its ambition to set itself science-based targets back in September 2019. Adopting these targets in 2020 marked another important milestone on the road to a climate-friendly transportation industry.

eMobility Center in Munich

e-mobility truck of the MAN Center in the e-mobility Center

While the battery electric MAN Lion’s City E bus and the all-electric MAN eTGE van have already gained a foothold in the market as series vehicles, the Company’s first electric truck, the MAN eTGM, has only been delivered to customers across Europe in small series so far. This is set to change in the near future. By setting up the MAN eMobility Center at its headquarters in Munich, MAN is laying the foundation for producing e-trucks in large industrial quantities. Employees working in production at this 4,000-square-meter facility are putting series production of battery electric trucks to the test under real-life conditions.

e-Delivery with a powerful drive

Volkswagen e-Delivery Truck „made in Brazil“

The market launch of the e-Delivery in 2021 marked a starting point for the electrification of the Brazilian transportation industry, which VWTB is embarking upon four years after presenting the first prototype. The debut model is the first in a series of 100 e-Delivery vehicles that are scheduled to begin operations before the end of the year. The Brazilian company developed a new powertrain and battery pack for this electric truck. Among other things, these allow the e-Delivery’s range to be increased to more than 200 kilometers — making it an ideal fit for intercity delivery operations.

Electrifying school buses in the US

IC Bus

In view of the current US government’s push toward zero-emission vehicles, electric school buses are gaining more and more momentum within the industry. In this context, IC Bus, leading manufacturer of school buses and a brand of Navistar, announced its commitment to electrifying its flagship CE series in 2021. With more than 100 orders already received for the electric CE series, Navistar laying the foundation for climate-friendly bus transportation in the US. Safety technology is also top of the brand’s list of priorities — IC Bus is continuously developing new assistance functions to protect the passengers and support the driver. As part of this reinforced commitment, IC Bus intends to focus on equipping its CE series products with new safety features — including its advanced collision mitigation system.

You can find more information about sustainability on the websites of our brands.