Munich, June 1, 2023 – TRATON SE’s shareholders have agreed with the proposal of the Executive and Supervisory Boards and resolved to pay out a higher dividend of €0.70 per share for fiscal year 2022 by a majority of 99.99% of the votes cast at the Annual General Meeting of the Company. A dividend of €0.50 was paid out for fiscal year 2021. The 2022 dividend corresponds to a payout ratio of 30.7%, putting it within the target range of 30 to 40% of net income.

The actions of the members of the Executive and the Supervisory Board have been approved for fiscal year 2022.

Ödgärd Andersson has been elected as Hiltrud Werner’s successor on the Supervisory Board. Andersson is CEO of Zenseact, a Swedish software company and a subsidiary of Volvo Cars specializing in software for autonomous driving and driver assistance systems. The 51-year-old has been appointed as a shareholder representative on the Company’s Supervisory Board.

Other items approved by the shareholders include the remuneration system for the Executive and Supervisory Boards and the creation of a new Authorized Capital 2023.


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With its brands Scania, MAN, Navistar, and Volkswagen Truck & Bus, TRATON SE is the parent and holding company of the TRATON GROUP and one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. The Group’s product portfolio comprises trucks, buses, and light-duty commercial vehicles. “Transforming Transportation Together. For a sustainable world.” — this intention underlines the Company’s ambition to have a lasting and sustainable impact on the commercial vehicle business and on the Group’s commercial growth.