Munich, February 29, 2024 – TRATON’s General Counsel Dr. Klaus Schartel will hand over his role as Head of Group Legal at TRATON SE to Dr. Eike Bleckwenn, former Head of International M&A at Volkswagen Group Legal, effective March 1, 2024. In his new role, Eike Bleckwenn will be responsible for legal affairs across the entire TRATON GROUP and will report to TRATON’s CFO and CHRO Dr. Michael Jackstein.

“Klaus Schartel has been very successful in realigning TRATON’s Group Legal function and making it more international. During his time at TRATON, he has played a pivotal role in driving forward key issues for the Company’s future success — from TRATON SE’s IPO in 2019 and the MAN squeeze-out all the way to the Navistar acquisition. I want to thank Klaus Schartel for his dedication and the excellent work he has done. As the TRATON GROUP continues to grow closer together, now is the right time for him to pass the baton to someone else. The TRATON GROUP’s new Head of Group Legal Eike Bleckwenn has a wide range of legal experience from executive roles, having worked both in Germany and abroad. I am really looking forward to working together,” says Michael Jackstein, member of the Executive Board of TRATON SE responsible for Finance and Business Development as well as Human Resources.

“It has been my absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to play a key part in shaping the TRATON GROUP. I would like to thank the Executive and Supervisory Boards for the trust they have placed in me. The last six years have been intense, and I look forward to having more time again for my family and for other projects in my personal life,” says Klaus Schartel. He joined the TRATON GROUP as Head of Group Legal in 2018, and is now leaving the Company effective February 29, 2024, after six years as the TRATON GROUP’s General Counsel and a total of 32 years working in the automotive industry.

Eike Bleckwenn will take over as the TRATON GROUP’s new General Counsel from March 1, 2024. He joined the management team at Volkswagen Group Legal in 2018 as Senior Legal Counsel. His previous roles included working as General Counsel for IAV GmbH, an engineering service provider based in Berlin, as a consultant in the legal department at comScore Inc. in Washington, D.C., and as an attorney at Göhmann Rechtsanwälte in Hanover. Eike Bleckwenn studied law at the Universities of Göttingen and Geneva before completing his doctorate and receiving a Master of Laws from Georgetown University.


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With its brands Scania, MAN, Navistar, and Volkswagen Truck & Bus, TRATON SE is the parent and holding company of the TRATON GROUP and one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. The Group’s product portfolio comprises trucks, buses, and light-duty commercial vehicles. “Transforming Transportation Together. For a sustainable world.” — this intention underlines the Company’s ambition to have a lasting and sustainable impact on the commercial vehicle business and on the Group’s commercial growth.