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    • At TRATON, we respect individual differences. We strongly believe that a diverse workforce will help us to drive our global strategy. Our company is committed in providing everyone with equal employment opportunities. For more information, please check our Diversity approach under:

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    • TRATON is a company with an international focus. For this reason, our aim is to attract and recruit people around the globe. For more information, please check our Internationality approach under:

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    • As we recognize our employees’ individual contribution to achieving the company’s mission and goals, we offer a competitive rewards package of monetary and non-monetary benefits to them. For more information, please check our employees’ rewards section under:

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    • We help our employees to achieve a balance between the demands ot their job and the resposibilities towards theri family and their personal life in gerneral. We offer mobile working and Home office for our employees – especially in times of the Corona pandemic we offer a modern working environment (NEW WORK) and the necessary IT equipment for working from home. For more information, please check our work-life balance practices under:

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    • Occupational health management is an essential part of our business processes. Therefore, our employees’ health and well-being are very important to us. For more information, please check our occupational health approach under:

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    • We know that our people are our greatest asset. Therefore, you will be provided with opportunities for professional development at all stages of your career. For more information, please check our professional development opportunities under:

    • Please have a look at our job portal. In case there is no position suitable for you, you have the option to send us a spontaneous application. In this case, please describe your area of interest in as much detail as possible in your application

    • First, you have to apply for a position with us. Then, we will review your application and if your profile is a good fit, you will be invited to a phone interview. If your phone interview is successful, we will invite you to a face-to-face interview and if we are convinced that you are the suitable person for the position, we will offer you a contract. If you apply for a managerial position, be prepared for a more intensive selection process. For more information please check our recruiting and selection process under:

    • For further questions to which you cannot find an answer on the related page or on this FAQ page, you can contact us by sending an email to:

    • If you are interested in and qualified for more than one position, you can submit several applications.

    • Please use our online application tool to send us your application including: a cover letter, an up-to-date curriculum vitae, relevant certificates of your qualifications (school, university qualifications, training) and work references.

    • We will notify you by email as soon as your application has been reviewed. However, due to the large number of applications, an initial response may take up to a few weeks.

    • Your data will be treated as strictly confidential and only used to process your applications. The German data protection laws and internal TRATON regulations apply.

    • You can use our job portal to find out about current vacancies at TRATON but you can also send a spontaneous application. In this case, please describe your area of interest in as much detail as possible in your application.

    • When you send a spontaneous application, your documents are put in a spontaneous application pool. Firstly, your qualifications will be checked to determine whether you fulfill the general requirements at TRATON. Then, we will check if you could be considered for an open position. If this is not the case, your application will remain active. If a suitable vacancy does not appear, we must unfortunately reject your application.

    • Unfortunately, due to the very high amount of applications we receive each day, we cannot give detailed feedback to every applicant in the first stages of our application process.

    • To be eligible for an internship at TRATON, you must be a currently enrolled student at a university. A valid enrollment certificate covering the entire internship period is required.

    • To be eligible for writing your final thesis at TRATON, you must be a currently enrolled student at a university at the last year of your bachelor or your master degree. Please note that additional restrictions may apply when the thesis handles confidential topics of the TRATON GROUP.

    • When a vacancy for an internship is published on our job portal and it is still active you can send us your application.

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    • We prefer that you only apply for an internship if a relevant advertisement is published.

    • Please see our answer to the question No. 11.

    • Besides the fact that you have to be an enrolled student, good English language skills and engagement in your studies play an important role in your application. We also evaluate your personal profile regarding your motivation, interests and your attitude.

    • During your time with us you will have a supervisor who will encourage and enable you to show your full potential and write an excellent thesis.

    • We offer internships to students of all nationalities. We can provide some information and guidance for the visa application process but please note that the applications need to be handled by yourself.

    • As English is the working language at TRATON, German language skills are not necessary but considered a plus.

    • An internship at TRATON can be a compulsory (mandatory by the university) or a voluntary internship.

    • An internship will last from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months. There is a possibility for extension if all parties agree.

    • All student interns receive the minimum wage per hour set by German law (“Tarifautonomiestärkungsgesetz”).

    • Unfortunately, TRATON does not provide help to find accommodation.

    • Please see our answer to the question No. 11.

    • The Global Champion trainee program starts in September of each year.

    • The application period for the Global Champion trainee program starts in May each year.

    • The Global Champion trainee program is aimed at university graduates who have completed their Master degree with above average results. They should also have studied or completed internships abroad. Other requirements include fluency in English, motivation and creativity, team spirit, excellent communication skills and a desire to take on responsibility.

    • The selection process of the trainees follows the standard selection process of TRATON. Please see our recruitment and selection process under:

    • In the “Global Champion” trainee program, you are given the opportunity to develop a network, to get to know the whole TRATON GROUP and our multi-brand environment. During the trainee program you start to develop your knowledge in a specialized area by taking on on-the-job responsibilities. On the other hand, with direct entry, you begin first by developing your specialized knowledge and then broaden your network.

    • It is not currently possible to complete the entire trainee program outside of Germany. However, as our trainee program has an international focus, rotation periods to other brands and locations possibly outside Germany are included.

    • Your personal mentor from TRATON will supervise you throughout the entire program. You will prepare an individualized schedule for your program together with your mentor.