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We are convinced that our Company’s success must be built on responsible and sustainable conduct. This is because right now, we find ourselves at the beginning of a decade that will be decisive in determining whether we, as a global community, will get a handle on global challenges like climate change. It is one of the reasons why our new strategic focus is based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, an initiative like no other when it comes to conveying the urgency of taking collective action. We do not just want to achieve environmental and climate targets, we also want to strengthen our responsibility for the people within our scope of influence: for employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners.

ESG Factbook

“We want a CO2-neutral future, and to achieve this we are doing much more than just the minimum required of us. Our brands will be drivers of change as we move toward zero-emission transportation solutions.”

Christian Levin, CEO of TRATON SE

Under the motto of “Transforming Transportation,” the TRATON GROUP aims to establish sustainability as a core principle and responsible behavior as a top priority in the Group’s strategy.

The focus of TRATON’s sustainability efforts is built on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Three strategic areas have been identified to contribute substantially to transforming the transportation sector and to achieving the SDGs: (1) Decarbonization & Circularity, (2) People & Diversity, and (3) Governance & Ethics.

  1. The transportation sector is a key element of climate-oriented transformation. Decarbonization and circularity will play a key role in this endeavor. TRATON is committed to doing its part by creating solutions that minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and optimize resource consumption in the value chain. This means focusing on zero-emission vehicles, especially via electrification, energy efficiency, and GHG reduction in production and use phases, as well as circular economy and the elimination of waste.

  2. Additionally, TRATON aims to capture the diversity of skills, know-how, and perspectives of employees or partners and to safeguard the just and equal treatment of any individuals involved in the value chain. For the Company, this means increasing employer attractiveness and innovative strength. In practice, this includes a future-ready workforce, with a focus on continuous learning, training, and education. Lastly, TRATON is also focusing on a values-driven culture, including diversity & inclusion and the enhancement of health & safety, working conditions, and labor standards.

  3. Transparent, risk-oriented, and fair decision-making is used to enable sustainable governance and ethics within the Company and create long-term value for TRATON and its stakeholders. Moreover, this includes looking beyond our own Company and putting social responsibility into practice along the value chain. In doing so, TRATON places a focus on strong corporate governance, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, risk management, internal controls, integrity, and human rights.

TRATON is currently part of international associations such as the UN Global Compact, Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and the German Diversity Charter. In addition, TRATON SE received an ESG risk rating from the environmental agency ISS ESG for its efforts in sustainable value creation and was rewarded with a Prime status and a C+ rating for its sustainable value creation efforts in the machinery sector. In the future, the Company is looking forward to expanding the participation and memberships of valuable organizations.