• The company announces the new e-Consortium at its factory in Resende in the State of Rio de Janeiro, a ground-breaking partnership to develop components, manufacture electric trucks, establish the charging infrastructure and manage the vehicles throughout their life cycle. 
  • The e-Consortium and the electric vehicle models are part of VWCO's current investment cycle of R$1.5 billion until 2021. 
  • VWCO's exclusive flexible architecture solution speeds up development. 
  • Roberto Cortes, CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, says: "Our team has conceived and built a pioneering technological configuration and a business model that will enable us to introduce our range of commercial electric vehicles on the world`s transport market." 
  • VWCO's electrical vehicles will be tested by journalists in Europe for the first time. 


Södertälje, October 2, 2019 – Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus is speeding up the introduction of electric trucks to Brazil: as well as configuring new models using the exclusive new solution, the company has just announced the formation of a pioneering e-Consortium at its Resende development and production complex. The decision was made official by Roberto Cortes, the company`s President and CEO, during TRATON GROUP`s Innovation Day in Sweden. Cortes is also one of the GROUP`s Board members. 

This is the first time in the world that a vehicle manufacturer has established a complete support structure for its electric trucks, from manufacturing the vehicles to setting up the charging infrastructure and managing the life cycle of the battery pack, leveraging the commitment of the company's fully integrated supply chain. With this new concept, the e-Consortium will facilitate access to electric technology in the commercial vehicle sector. 

The company continually improves the technology used in its vehicles. To achieve this, VWCO has developed a patented engineering solution for its electric vehicles underpinned by a flexible architecture which supports the rapid integration into the vehicle of components sourced from the TRATON GROUP and its alliance partners. This innovative approach demonstrates VWCO`s ability to develop electric vehicles and the company`s commitment to supporting TRATON`s strategy to become a Global Champion in the sector. 

It is in this context that the VW e-Delivery range continues to expand, as the company studies the entry-level commercial vehicle segment in addition to the current 11 and 14-ton models. Being shown internationally for the first time, the VW e-Delivery 4-ton model has been developed with the same flexible architecture solution used in the other vehicles in the electric range. 

"The TRATON GROUP was formed a little more than four years ago to transform the world's transport industry. Since VWCO`s foundation in 1981, we have been revolutionizing the truck and bus market and we continue to pursue that objective, investing R$1.5 billion up to 2021." Roberto Cortes goes on to say: "Our team has conceived and built a pioneering technological configuration and a business model that will enable us to introduce our range of commercial electric vehicles on the world's transport market." 

This expertise has enabled a historical agreement between the multinational brewer Ambev and VW Caminhões e Ônibus. Last year, Ambev signed a purchase intention to have by 2023 more than 1/3 of Ambev partner distribution fleet made up of Volkswagen electric trucks. The initiative involves 1,600 clean-powered vehicles and it is the largest project of its kind in the world announced to date. 

VWCO`s innovative technology is being tested by journalists for the first time in Europe. "We`re ready for all the solutions. Above all, our aim is to support TRATON`s mission to become a Global Champion in the transportation industry," emphasizes the President and CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus. 

e-Consortium: VWCO goes beyond developing electric vehicles 

The e-Consortium has the same concept of the Modular Consortium, the company`s unique and revolutionary production system: under this model, seven suppliers share the responsibility for assembling the vehicles with VWCO inside the factory, increasing productivity and quality while reducing costs. 

e-Consortium is the next step. In order to facilitate the introduction of the electric vehicles, there are new partner companies in this business model to expand their activities beyond the factory gates to wherever the client is based. For example, they are surveying and evaluating the garages and depots of the company's clients throughout Brazil and installing charging equipment to support the electric vehicle fleets. 

As it announces the development of the new ecosystem supporting electric mobility, VW Caminhões e Ônibus is in the final stages of negotiating the new business model with eight heavyweight partner companies. The e-Consortium covers all aspects of electric vehicle manufacture and operations, from developing components locally to setting up the infrastructure needed to produce them, covering the entire useful life cycle of the vehicles, including disposal of the batteries at the end of their lives. 

The e-Consortium partners and suppliers include: 

  • Siemens, which provides the charging infrastructure and equipment, and supplies electrical energy to clients. 
  • CATL and Moura, responsible for distribution, management and maintenance of the battery packs. 
  • Bosch, WEG and Semcon, responsible for developing and supplying components. 

"There is no doubt that with this announcement we are yet again making history. VWCO was the first company to demonstrate and test an electric-powered truck in Brazil under real operating conditions. And now, with the worldwide announcement of the e-Consortium business model, we are joining forces with companies which are leading the way in developing electric mobility", comments Roberto Cortes. 

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