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Committees of the Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board committees

The Supervisory Board established two committees — the Presiding Committee and the Audit Committee — on which shareholders and employees are represented equally, with three representatives in each case, as well as the Nomination Committee, which consists solely of shareholder representatives. The main role of the committees is to prepare Supervisory Board resolutions. In some cases, the Supervisory Board’s decision-making powers or tasks are transferred to committees. The Nomination Committee is tasked with identifying candidates for Supervisory Board positions and recommending suitable candidates to the Supervisory Board as the latter’s proposals for election at the Annual General Meeting. In this capacity, the shareholder representatives on the Presiding Committee act as the Nomination Committee.

Presiding Committee

  • Hans Dieter Pötsch (Chairman)
  • Michael Lyngsie
  • Daniela Cavallo
  • Jürgen Kerner
  • Gunnar Kilian
  • Dr. Dr. Christian Porsche

Audit Committee

  • Frank Witter (Chairman)
  • Torsten Bechstädt
  • Dr. Julia Kuhn-Piëch
  • Lisa Lorentzon
  • Nina Macpherson
  • Karina Schnur

Nomination Committee

  • Hans Dieter Pötsch (Chairman)
  • Gunnar Kilian
  • Dr. Dr. Christian Porsche