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Working at TRATON

By being home to some of the world’s largest and most influential brands within transportation, we know this industry from the inside out. From the technology that creates it, to the power that drives it, to the synergies that enhance it. That’s why our work is always rooted in a larger context. Together with our brands, we have the collective power to change the future of transportation

Meet Marvin Kalberlah

  • “Be it communicating with my contacts within the capital markets or exchanging ideas across the TRATON GROUP: addressing a variety of topics, people, and points of view is part of my everyday work. This is exactly what I appreciate about my job and what makes it so appealing.”

Meet Helga Würtele

  • “Together, we define cross-brand priority topics in the field of sustainability and think about the strategies and measures we can use to put these into practice. This dialogue opens up new perspectives and inspires creative ideas.”