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    Emission-free under everyday conditions

    No local emissions and virtually silent driving: The MAN eTGM opens up new possibilities. Link

  • Silent ride to school

    An icon reimagined: IC Bus has put all-electric school buses on the road in North America. Link

  • Planet |

    On the line

    Scania is testing catenary trucks in day-to-day use with various partners. An interim conclusion. Link

  • All-electric series truck

    VWCO produces South America's first all-electric truck in series, the e-Delivery. Link

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    Pursuing sustainability throughout the world

    Since Climate Day, Scania employees worldwide have become even more committed to sustainability. Link

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    Roaming around Paris

    In Paris, DHL is using the electric MAN eTGE to deliver parcels and packages with zero emissions. Link

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    Sustainability all the way

    In Oslo, Scania and ASKO are testing battery electric trucks in everyday use. The potential is huge. Link

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    Digital, transparent, efficient

    The cloud-based platform solution by RIO makes Volkswagen Group Logistics even more efficient. Link

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    Assembly 4.0

    At VWCO’s new Industry 4.0 assembly line, trucks are produced even more individually than before. Link

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    Equal opportunities at the wheel

    In Ghana, Scania trains women to become bus and truck drivers. Three of them share their stories. Link

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    Electric city

    Munich’s MVG relies on e-buses to reduce emissions. The MAN Lion’s City 12 E in operation. Link

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    Drivers of innovation

    Which new business models can emerge from modern software. Link

  • Performance |

    Digital transparency for growing truck fleets

    How the RIO digital brand intends to optimize the logistics industry. Link

  • Performance |

    No one can do it alone

    Innovating together with their customers: three brands, three people, three requirements. Link

  • Planet |

    Plan E

    A look at how electrification experts from MAN Transport Solutions advise fleet operators. Link

  • Performance |

    Without a driver? Sure!

    The Barkarby municipality prepares for the deployment of autonomous buses from Scania. Link

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    Turn on the power!

    Electric drives play a pivotal role for the TRATON GROUP in the transportation world of tomorrow. Link

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    Modularization as part of the DNA

    Scania’s “Byggladan principle” of maximizing the number of common parts creates plenty of variants. Link

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    Invitation to dance

    An interview with Sofia Vahlne on the importance of pluralism and inclusion. Link

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    The best of both worlds

    Scania and MAN join forces to develop a new generation of engines. Link

  • Performance |

    Fit for the future

    A trip to the workshop can wait: MAN is working on over-the-air software updates. Link

  • Performance |

    Digital game makers

    Virtual reality in the TRATON GROUP is advanced by clever team players. Link

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    In auto mode

    MAN trials autonomous trucks in partnership with the Port of Hamburg. Link

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    Let’s go!

    Showcasing the innovative mobility service Scania Go at the Scania campus in Södertälje. Link

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    A day in São Paulo

    A delivery run with a prototype of the electrically powered e-Delivery. Link