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Clean driving

Efficient, quiet, and eco-friendly. The TRATON GROUP develops alternative drives for a multitude of challenges, spanning from the fully electric truck for inner-city deliveries to clean and efficient gas engines for trucks and buses.

Clean driving

Winter Games

Subzero endurance test – development heads test trucks and buses in icy conditions. Link

Clean driving

Charged up – A growing number of cities are turning to electric buses

TRATON is entering an era of electric mobility with trailblazing concepts. Link


Sun, light, and well water- sustainable production at TRATON

Four examples below serve as milestones illustrating the new, ecological focus the Group has given its product Link

Innovation Day 2017 – Video Use Case Clean
Play TRATON – Innovation Day Use Case CLEAN
Clean driving

Quietly rolling through residential areas with the electric drive

Interview with Ema Ceco, Test Manager at Scania, about the Hybrid Truck P320. Link

Clean driving

Non-stop clean for 1,000 kilometers

Gas engines emit far less CO₂, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter than conventional engines. Link